---------------------- DIADAE (HEROES)

WELLS KYONG: Average high school boy from the 'burbs, into video games, movies, and not much else.  He's the kind of protagonist that almost every single "young adult" novel follows.  There's nothing special about him at all... or so he thinks.

VIVIANNA BRICKLIN: Or "Anna" for short.  Wells's mischievous, hyperactive neighbor.  She's the red-headed stranger who starts everything ambling down the path of more strangeness.

WILLIAM BRICKLIN: Anna's father who has been MIA since she was eight.  Where'd he go?  Why'd he leave?  Even as of book three, she's still not 100% on all that.

BRIETTA ROSEKEEPER: Anna's aunt/cousin from Ireland.  A chain-smoking, bus-driving, curmudgeonly old woman who doesn't take any crap from anybody - least of all her own family members.

RYAN KEE: Martial artist who seems to be an old friend of Anna's extended family.  In spite of his myriad skills, he's somehow content to wash dishes for a living.

LOVIE: Not much is known about Lovie other than that she has some connection to William Bricklin.

---------------------- LANN BRIGMAR (VILLAINS)

HOWARD WINTHROP: Wells's history teacher who turns out to be leading a double life.  Is he truly satisfied with being on the darker side of the conflict?

ISAACS: Not a nice fellow.

QUAIN: Also not a nice fellow... though he'd love for everybody to think he is.  A true con artist.

VECTIN: The devil in a crisp white suit.  An anathema of impeccable taste.  What is he really after?

???: There's a mysterious woman frequenting Vectin's chambers of late. 

---------------------- GREYS (MISC.)

RAJAB AHMAD: Wells's closest buddy/amigo/compadre.  Loves his Xbox and wearing sunglasses whenever he can get away with it.  He's a lot more wary of Anna than Jimmy.

JIMMY GOODS: A self-confessed geek who rounds out Wells's circle of friends.  News BBSes, anime figurines and MMORPGs burn up most of his free time and allowance money.

NAJWA AHMAD: Rajab's older sister who went off to college.  Object of desire for Wells for many years now.  Anytime she's back in town for a visit, Wells commences tripping all over himself trying to act cool.

GUTCH: Real name is "David Harvey".  A former US soldier who logs his daylight hours at an electronics superstore, but spends his nights mostly doing "favors" for friends and acquaintences.

KODI NOVAK: Anna's best friend who moved away a year before the events of Wellspring began.  A hardcore goth in dress only; beneath the pancake foundation and fishnets, she's a real teddy bear.

ROMAN NOVAK: Father of Kodi, husband of Kaihoʻi; a university professor in the college of sciences.  May have some connection to the Díadae.

MR & MRS KYONG: Parents of Wells (he's an only child).  Hyun-Ki is strict and overbearing, and Lucy is pretty much the opposite.  They mostly balance each other out.

BETTY BRICKLIN: Anna's over-worked, over-extended mother.  She's doing her best to keep their household together in the absence of her husband, but it's hard being a single parent with a crummy job.

JOSH THORNE: Typical jock and antagonist to Wells in his school life.  Maybe he wouldn't be such a bad guy if he could just get his head out of his... pigskin.  Then again, maybe not.

MAXON STORMCLOUD: The new history teacher at Vastmyre High School.  An unusual guy with a distinctly atypical teaching style. 

CHELSEA, DOREEN and SANDY: Three of Anna's former friends.  They dropped her like a hot potato in her darkest hour when her dad vanished, leaving only Kodi to comfort her.  Now the newest members of the Vastmyre High cheerleading squad.

VICE-PRINCIPAL LAIRD: A small man just trying to maintain order as best he can, in spite of the hooliganism of the students.  Seems to sweat a lot.

PRINCIPAL RUIZ: This tough, no-nonsense woman is rarely seen outside of official school assemblies, but most students are quite happy about that.