ALL THE NEWS THAT'S FIT TO... be boring.

Seriously, guys... it's just site news. Let's have no complaining that it didn't shock your socks off.

Update, 11/10/2013: Third Book

A lot of small nudges to reflect the upcoming Diadae #3 - finally finished and on its way to being published!  Also, watch for my NaNoWriMo entry that will eventually be my fifth book. ~D.

Update, 6/3/2013: Accelerati!

This is not quite so much site news, just news. Two things: first of all and most importantly, I have a new book! It's not Diadae #3, but it's still good anyway (IMHO). Accelerati is available in the Kindle store, and soon in other places! Second bit of news is that I am now doing a podcast about anything and everything, aptly titled "ADHDcast". If you haven't checked out dBlog yet, I've been posting new episodes every Monday. Those blog posts are also available on my WordPress mirror, and the actual downloads are searchable on The internets are for fun. ~D.

Update, 5/6/2013: Nudging

Nudging this here, that there. Added more songs to Radio Diadae and tweaked some links, and threw some new ones in there, as well. By the way, I took the "thumbnails" out of the Links section because it just seems to make the page feel a LOT longer. Anybody miss them? Anybody who didn't see it before the change think they want to see it? Drop me an E if so. ~D.

Update, 3/31/2013: Easter

No, I didn't create Easter.  Minor tweaks, added a Follow button for el Twitter (I'm more entertaining there) and did minor Spring cleaning.  Also added the Wikplayer music java-applet-thing at the top; it's really RAD, like Legend of Zelda for your Nintendo Entertainment System (your parents help you hook it up).  If my tunes continue to function properly I think we'll keep it!  By the way, did you read my blog post about fanfiction?  Dude, you totally should.  Because... it's awesome, bro.  That is all.  ~D.

Update, 10/21/2012: Links

Added a few links, blog entry... yep.  Just trying to keep things from getting stale around here. ~D.

Update, 12/7/2011: Beautification

Edited the cast page; most of the important characters of books 1 & 2 are up now.  In addition to that, I finally threw up a less-hideous banner for the top and that Wibiya toolbar at the bottom (which I consider to be in beta testing; we'll see if I like it or if it bugs me).  Now back to drinking bitter tea.  ~D.

Update, 12/4/2011: Site Creation

Uh, yeah, the site was created.  And lo, God looked upon it and saw that it was... well, not good exactly, but better than the last site.  Since the last site did not exist.  ~D.