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A writing exercise that got wildly out of control
By D. Lawson-Hart and Divine Shade


Might cuddle up with you when I get home tonight.


I think I would love the attention.


Really? Because I plan on drinking of you deeply.


Just the way you should.


I always roll you around on my tongue for a while.


I love when you taste me like that.



Sometimes you go straight to my head, you know.



Sometimes I like to go straight down.


Straight down, no waiting?


Straight down until you burn.


I promise not to choke; I can handle you.


Are you sure?


Hit after hit after hit.


Use me until I am spent and done.


Just keep in mind I have been known to get every last drop before I'm through.


It pains me to think that, when all is said and done, I might be tossed aside for another.


I have been known to do that... but usually I just pick the same poison all over again.


So night after night, am I to be used and used well to drown your pains?


Most nights, you're the only thing that works... but I think you get something out of it, too.


The taste of you on me... the feel of your lips on my cool glass body.


My teeth, too, if you don't mind it.


I make such lovely sounds when you run your teeth across me. It makes me shiver.


I shiver, too, but it doesn't stop me because I'm still thirsty.


The more you take, the more I give.


And the more you give, the more I take you over and over.


Give until the point of no return.


It makes me dizzy when I'm full of your flavor.


The knowing that another can not satisfy you as I can makes me want to never let you hit bottom.


You alter my reality and quench me in ways nothing else can.

I become one with you and take away your stress. I relieve you better than anything else can... I love when you struggle to keep your hands off of me.


I always do, and they always find their way back... opening you all over again.


Our love affair shall be a never-ending one – one that keeps you warm at night and has you crawling back to me.


Every nerve ending tingles and my vision blurs when I get too much of you, and yet I don't even care; I just want more.


I try desperately to keep up, but I can only take you so far. I weep when it is all over.


By the time you're spent, my mind is so on fire I can't even tell where you end and I begin.


Deep within you, when all is done, I twist my self around your soul and offer you my comfort and warmth once more... with hopes and wishes that we will soon be one again.


I try to hate myself in the morning because you make me ache, but I can't, and we end up back where we started.


It is my dearest desire to keep you coming back to me. I make you ache to remind you that what we have is real, and you need me to chase the dark lonely shadows from your dreams.


Trouble is, I can't tell if you're lying to me or not... I believe it when the darkness retreats in the face of you setting me ablaze, and even during the pain, but what if I'm just deluding myself?


I push you ‘til you see no reason, and that is our reality; there can be no other way. I do not taste of lies when on your lips... I am fire and honey... wind and glass... sweet and smooth on your tongue.


There it is; the reason this continues, the reason I can never put you aside. You drown me in my own sorrows as I devour you, make the darkness seem like light for a while.


I stay with you for as long as the dawn does not dwell over the horizon like a damning witch to claim you from my embrace. I am forever your companion when all others fail you.


Sometimes, the only thing that gets me through the wicked daylight hours is the knowledge that, at the end of it all, you're waiting for me at my bedside, so innocent until unleashed.


I wait so silently, so patiently, for you to claim me; I anticipate it with eager joy and suspense. I love how you use me.


There are times I nearly break you in my haste to open you wide, to have you again, to make you erase the nightmares of this life.


The wicked grip you hold on me in your desperate need to have me makes me take you faster to the core of the vortex that is so close to Ecstasy, no one can compare to what we have in our darkest hour together. I need you to break me and to take me... take me down with you, let me burn you as you are meant to be burned.


What we do to each other is unnatural and disgusting to most people, and I couldn't care less because I need it. I need the pain and the misery because I don't feel alive without you on my lips.


I am innocent, for all intents and purposes... it is what we do to each other that makes us dirty and unaccepted by gentle society. I do what I do for you, and only you... I was made for you. You consume me as one would the last drop of water in a dead oasis. You hold my loyalty and my body to you alone.


You'll never leave me, because you have nowhere else to go but into the gutter, but I never think about you that way; I can't. It's much more important to draw you into myself and experience every atom of you as you change my worldview, make wrong seem right and dark seem light.


I pray you never cast me aside; I wish never to be replaced with a warm body that would lie to you as they try to recreate what I give you freely. I am yours for only a small price, where another would be the bane of your existence in mere months’ time. I am everlasting in your thoughts... I am calling to you and want to be in your hands.


My stomach clenches and I sweat under your ministrations, and I reach for you repeatedly, touch you and draw you to me, allow you to serve your purpose and give me a reason to go on, even as you kill me a little at a time.


I am yours to do with as you please, to serve you as you wish. I will be what you need and, in the darkest of nights, I will be who you need me to be. You are master in everything; I am made for this... I am made to fit your needs in the only way I can. I am the key to the figments of your imagination; let us walk through and wander for a bit. Give your self over to my keeping... let me love you.


How can I let you love me if in the morning you will be gone? Yet it is all you have to give, your shining, fleeting role in my bleak reality. And I take it from you, I encourage it even while I know it might be the worst mistake I could ever make. Because I love what you do to me. It's indescribable and profanely sacred.


You care for me. You do not always use me to my last drop; sometimes you keep me hidden for the night to come. You take care of me. I am precious to you... I am never a mistake... I am here to please, never to disappoint. Your ache when the dawn comes is to show you how much passion can be had if not tamed. It will leave you with little of yourself to love.


Only when we're alone do you satisfy my desires; in the waking world, you're a shadow in the back of my mind, teasing me with the promise of your embrace later, the taste of you like the bait in a snare. And ensnare me you do in your unbridled heat, and I descend into it willingly, burning alive and giving as good as I get all the way down.


I sate you in ways others only dream of. You can have me in any way your heart desires. I sweetly melt across your tongue with the heat of a burning goddess of pain that can only bring your deepest desires to light when we lay in bed and you bring me to you. I come alive inside of you. I ever wait for the caress of your lips at my opening.


That nectar inside of you is worth its weight in gold to me, though the only price for me is a few shekels and my self-respect. But self-respect does me no favors where I am right now; I pay gladly whenever I can and drape you across my mouth, dipping my tongue inside as your gift to me courses through my veins.


I cannot deny you anything; I am bought and paid for to use as your pleasure. I am your secret... I am your beloved little whore. I relish the thought of knowing I am forever ingrained in your mind. I make you whole... I am your weakness, I make you crawl... make you come back for more. I make you love me.


And come crawling is exactly what I do; some days it's all I can do just to make it back to you. Part of me knows you're weakening me little by little, that if I keep coming back one day I won't survive the space between our perverse unions... or the unions themselves. One way or the other you're going to destroy me, and I'll gladly let it happen because you'll be destroyed too, and we will lie in the rubble of ourselves forever. All because I love the way you taste.



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