ADHDcast 19: Shirtwins

Posted on September 9, 2013 at 1:55 PM

Welcome back to the golden realm of...

EPISODE XIX - Shirtwins

Gird thy loins with Sir Aedylon, the Duke of Ferret, Lady Shade, and resident court jesters Waynick and Stantz as they parley about having genitalia, yams of doom, rice pudding, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, rum and Disaronno, Lithuanian ninjas, gluten-free whiskey, Cthulhu, the trustworthiness of Wikipedia, the elusive mushroom-snake, the wonders of the S.C.U.M.M. engine, new shoes, Zoobooks, yogHurt, ADHD being not real, whether or not “midget” is offensive (spoiler: it is), matching shirts, floppies, talking to things that cannot hear you, random Shakespeare, paying for the privilege of using crappy software, indoor bottle rockets, speciality ribbons, how to inherit the Garrett ferret, liquor preferences, the somewhat-contested hotness of Rosario Dawson, one too many antennae, ESPing your pants, reality sitcoms, noise-cancelling webcams, bucket or f*** it, the Wonder Twins, shuffling our guests, taquitos, Mark’s paradoxes, phone wallpaper, Katy Perry’s “Prism” being unrelated to computer programs, D. predicts the future, Anthony Stewart Head, sigh-yodeling, more than the belly button, sexy British accents in your inbox, serenading Roseanne, back them files up, keeping it in the family, Brandi choking herself, growing extra “parts” on mice, the Cuban Shuffle Team versus the Curly Shuffle Team, getting laid versus making love, tentacles, laptop power supplies, The Rapping Prompt, an unholy din, Mark being a good housewife, Marcy Playground, Fox News is no news, corgis, Aedylon castrating John, the quality of character animation in video games and the causes of low quality, sound checking the crickets, taking a swig of your cigarette, the Ontario Megacorp Financial Group, Rachel Parent’s neophyte badassery, twerking manually, and getting a life.


Before we sally forth into fields stained red, mayhaps you should peruse these posted decrees:

  • Most of the *free* music utilized in this podcast is by Trx, Frederik Behr, and Drafts On A Theme, available over at Kahvi.org, as well as Mindphaser, which is at Archive.org.
  • Also featured are the songs “Shot You Down,“ “I’m Gonna Get You Back,” and “Summer Nights,” used with permission from the ravishing and talented drummer/producer/vocalist, Florrie. Go give her a whole buncha money RIGHT NOW
  • For some stupid reason (I am so confused), the permissably-small clips of Two Way's "All Dressed Up" and Murray Head's "One Night In Bangkok" did not sync up with when they were discussed; they actually played BEFORE they were mentioned. Whoopsie!
  • Any questions/suggestions/comments can be submitted to diadae at mail dotkom (that's an email address I'm spelling out phoenetically to avoid spammbotz), or posted in comments on this blog post. Even if you have audio questions or comments, go right ahead; I can splice them in. This includes questions for any guests, which I'll bring up next time they're on the show (if ever... though it's likely they will be).
  • Don't forget that you can subscribe to my YouTube channel to catch VIDEO versions of the interviews! (WARNING: the clips are unedited and will likely take longer to watch than the audio-only versions that I condense down into my podcast releases.)
  • This podcast is NSFW for language and crude humor.
  • This episode clocks in at approximately 2 hours and 9 minutes.
  • ADHDcast is released under Creative Commons.

Choose your weapon wisely from these three archetypes:


ADHDcast Episode 19 Zip files: (mp3) (m4a) (ogg) ... and (one long mp3)


Have at thee, vile Monday - we shall slay the beast together! FOR IRELAND!




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