30th Anniversary of Birth

Posted on June 16, 2013 at 12:45 AM

Well, it's that time of year again. I know I say "again" when in fact this is the first time I've ever written a dBlog post about this, but thing is, it's my birthday. And I might as well pony up the fact that it's the thirtieth of these I have endured since I was spawned into this world (at approximately 9 AM Central Standard Time, as it were). Of all the lame, silly things that came out of the 80s (high-tops and acid wash, anyone?), I might be the lamest and silliest.

A lot has gone on in the year since my last birthday, and a lot of those details are a little too personal for me to blurt them all over the internet. Let's just say it's been an honest-to-goodness rollercoaster. Last birthday, I actually got a Nintendo Wii; whatever presents I do or don't get, I doubt I'll get anything better than that, and certainly don't expect to! Presents are unnecessary because I have the gift of still being alive. More than we can say for some.

But here on dBlog, I would like to take a few minutes to quickly highlight my accomplishments. This is not me boasting, shoving it down anyone's throat; I want to stress that right up front. This is mostly for myself, and I decided I really don't mind sharing or letting the world see... and I thought it appropriate to do so in a birthday blog post. I mean, if you can't talk about yourself on your birthday, then you really can't do so the rest of the year!  And feel free to give me some good-natured "roasting" in the comments if it tickles your fancy.

1. Three decades, three published books. That's not nearly as many as I'd like to have under my belt, but it's still more than I honestly expected to have finished by now. Hopefully I'll crank out at least one more book before I turn 40!

2. ADHDcast. It's a weird thing that almost nobody has listened to yet, but podcasting has done something that I didn't go into it expecting: it let me reconnect with old friends. Thank you, Google Hangouts! I plan on doing this for another few weeks before I wrap up the current season, and then I may or may not put it on hiatus to pursue another project. We'll see.

3. Music. Not many of you will know it, but once upon a time I was in a band. There's no point naming it because... we were effing terrible, but just know that we actually did finish three albums of material. "Real" music or not, it counts as something I tried. Personally, I still listen to it once in a while.

4. Art. My deviantArt page slowly grew over the past few years and now plays host to a fairly decent number of doodles. I hope to eventually turn this into a graphic novel... which may be a project I've already started... stay tuned.

5. Concerts. Now, this might not seem like an "accomplishment" to anybody but me, but I love seeing live music, and I have been to see a lot of it. Especially last year! In this I am also going to count going to conventions and meeting fantastic people, road trips, and general sight-seeing I have done. Exploring the world.

6. Living. The past three decades have seen me doing quite a bit of that. Moving from place to place, working a variety of jobs, creating, pursuing passions, doing things that were probably not the wisest ideas (and getting away with most of them), forming friendships, soaring on highs, crashing into lows, loving and losing, and living. It probably wouldn't make for a very interesting biography, but to me, I know I was never completely bored or boring. Very nearly so, but never completely.

So thanks in advance for the birthday well-wishes you may or may not feel the need to bestow upon me. Tonight, I will probably imbibe much alcohol and partake in a cigar (which is not something I do... well, ever, but a guy only turns thirty once in his lifetime). And I may laugh, I may cry, I may eat a leftover Five Guys burger. But either way, I'm looking forward to living this next decade of mine. We'll see where I am at the end of it.

Oh, and one last thing: this happened. Pretty awesome present, I think.


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