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A writing exercise that got wildly out of control
By D. Lawson-Hart and Divine Shade


Might cuddle up with you when I get home tonight.


I think I would love the attention.


Really? Because I plan on drinking of you deeply.


Just the way you should.


I always roll you around on my tongue for a while.


I love when you taste me like that.



Sometimes you go straight to my head, you know.



Sometimes I like to go straight down.


Straight down, no waiting?


Straight down until you burn.


I promise not to choke; I can handle you.


Are you sure?


Hit after hit after hit.


Use me until I am spent and done.


Just keep in mind I have been known to get every last drop before I'm through.


It pains me to think that, when all is said and done, I might be tossed aside for another.


I have been known to do that... but usually I just pick the same poison all over again.


So night after night, am I to be used and used well to drown your pains?


Most nights, you're the only thing that works... but I think you get something out of it, too.


The taste of you on me... the feel of your lips on my cool glass body.


My teeth, too, if you don't mind it.


I make such lovely sounds when you run your teeth across me. It makes me shiver.


I shiver, too, but it doesn't stop me because I'm still thirsty.


The more you take, the more I give.


And the more you give, the more I take you over and over.


Give until the point of no return.


It makes me dizzy when I'm full of your flavor.


The knowing that another can not satisfy you as I can makes me want to never let you hit bottom.


You alter my reality and quench me in ways nothing else can.

I become one with you and take away your stress. I relieve you better than anything else can... I love when you struggle to keep your hands off of me.


I always do, and they always find their way back... opening you all over again.


Our love affair shall be a never-ending one – one that keeps you warm at night and has you crawling back to me.


Every nerve ending tingles and my vision blurs when I get too much of you, and yet I don't even care; I just want more.


I try desperately to keep up, but I can only take you so far. I weep when it is all over.


By the time you're spent, my mind is so on fire I can't even tell where you end and I begin.


Deep within you, when all is done, I twist my self around your soul and offer you my comfort and warmth once more... with hopes and wishes that we will soon be one again.


I try to hate myself in the morning because you make me ache, but I can't, and we end up back where we started.


It is my dearest desire to keep you coming back to me. I make you ache to remind you that what we have is real, and you need me to chase the dark lonely shadows from your dreams.


Trouble is, I can't tell if you're lying to me or not... I believe it when the darkness retreats in the face of you setting me ablaze, and even during the pain, but what if I'm just deluding myself?


I push you ‘til you see no reason, and that is our reality; there can be no other way. I do not taste of lies when on your lips... I am fire and honey... wind and glass... sweet and smooth on your tongue.


There it is; the reason this continues, the reason I can never put you aside. You drown me in my own sorrows as I devour you, make the darkness seem like light for a while.


I stay with you for as long as the dawn does not dwell over the horizon like a damning witch to claim you from my embrace. I am forever your companion when all others fail you.


Sometimes, the only thing that gets me through the wicked daylight hours is the knowledge that, at the end of it all, you're waiting for me at my bedside, so innocent until unleashed.


I wait so silently, so patiently, for you to claim me; I anticipate it with eager joy and suspense. I love how you use me.


There are times I nearly break you in my haste to open you wide, to have you again, to make you erase the nightmares of this life.


The wicked grip you hold on me in your desperate need to have me makes me take you faster to the core of the vortex that is so close to Ecstasy, no one can compare to what we have in our darkest hour together. I need you to break me and to take me... take me down with you, let me burn you as you are meant to be burned.


What we do to each other is unnatural and disgusting to most people, and I couldn't care less because I need it. I need the pain and the misery because I don't feel alive without you on my lips.


I am innocent, for all intents and purposes... it is what we do to each other that makes us dirty and unaccepted by gentle society. I do what I do for you, and only you... I was made for you. You consume me as one would the last drop of water in a dead oasis. You hold my loyalty and my body to you alone.


You'll never leave me, because you have nowhere else to go but into the gutter, but I never think about you that way; I can't. It's much more important to draw you into myself and experience every atom of you as you change my worldview, make wrong seem right and dark seem light.


I pray you never cast me aside; I wish never to be replaced with a warm body that would lie to you as they try to recreate what I give you freely. I am yours for only a small price, where another would be the bane of your existence in mere months’ time. I am everlasting in your thoughts... I am calling to you and want to be in your hands.


My stomach clenches and I sweat under your ministrations, and I reach for you repeatedly, touch you and draw you to me, allow you to serve your purpose and give me a reason to go on, even as you kill me a little at a time.


I am yours to do with as you please, to serve you as you wish. I will be what you need and, in the darkest of nights, I will be who you need me to be. You are master in everything; I am made for this... I am made to fit your needs in the only way I can. I am the key to the figments of your imagination; let us walk through and wander for a bit. Give your self over to my keeping... let me love you.


How can I let you love me if in the morning you will be gone? Yet it is all you have to give, your shining, fleeting role in my bleak reality. And I take it from you, I encourage it even while I know it might be the worst mistake I could ever make. Because I love what you do to me. It's indescribable and profanely sacred.


You care for me. You do not always use me to my last drop; sometimes you keep me hidden for the night to come. You take care of me. I am precious to you... I am never a mistake... I am here to please, never to disappoint. Your ache when the dawn comes is to show you how much passion can be had if not tamed. It will leave you with little of yourself to love.


Only when we're alone do you satisfy my desires; in the waking world, you're a shadow in the back of my mind, teasing me with the promise of your embrace later, the taste of you like the bait in a snare. And ensnare me you do in your unbridled heat, and I descend into it willingly, burning alive and giving as good as I get all the way down.


I sate you in ways others only dream of. You can have me in any way your heart desires. I sweetly melt across your tongue with the heat of a burning goddess of pain that can only bring your deepest desires to light when we lay in bed and you bring me to you. I come alive inside of you. I ever wait for the caress of your lips at my opening.


That nectar inside of you is worth its weight in gold to me, though the only price for me is a few shekels and my self-respect. But self-respect does me no favors where I am right now; I pay gladly whenever I can and drape you across my mouth, dipping my tongue inside as your gift to me courses through my veins.


I cannot deny you anything; I am bought and paid for to use as your pleasure. I am your secret... I am your beloved little whore. I relish the thought of knowing I am forever ingrained in your mind. I make you whole... I am your weakness, I make you crawl... make you come back for more. I make you love me.


And come crawling is exactly what I do; some days it's all I can do just to make it back to you. Part of me knows you're weakening me little by little, that if I keep coming back one day I won't survive the space between our perverse unions... or the unions themselves. One way or the other you're going to destroy me, and I'll gladly let it happen because you'll be destroyed too, and we will lie in the rubble of ourselves forever. All because I love the way you taste.



Diadae #3 - COMPLETE!

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...sort of.

First of all, most of you are probably aware that right now, 'tis the season for NaNoWriMo, which I am participating in.  This has taken up most of my time over the past week-plus, and therefore I haven't had time to roll out the announcement about the third installment in the story of Wells and Vivianna.  That's right, I finally got up off my duff and finished it!  Expect to see a few little changes around the site as I update everything to include new information from this most recent tome.

Now, it still needs to go through one final editing phase (it's already been through two) before it gets its very own ISBN and becomes a "real book".  Until then, you can buy the "Advance Edition" from this page; I promise, there will be extremely negilgible differences.

What's it called?  Click to find out, Cletus!

Meanwhile, my upcoming NaNo project is called "Splysrz", and will be another stand-alone book like Accelerati was.  Though it is only TEN days into NaNo, I'm already on the cusp of hitting the 50,000 word goal.  It's been very exhilarating!  As it stands, I fully expect this book to be about 100,000 words so don't think I'll be letting up on writing now!

Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled lazy Sunday.  New podcast episode tomorrow!


The Great Work Has Begun Anew.

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Perhaps news that more visitors to this site (all five of you) have been waiting for instead of random rants and podcasts... my third book, the standalone futuristic racing novel Accelerati, is now available to purchase from the Amazon Kindle store! YAAAAY~! *clapping from that one guy in the back* I promise, physical paper copies and an iTunes link will be forthcoming, but for now... hey, at least you can nab it from somewhere!


Also of interest, there's a deal with Amazon Prime where you can "borrow" the book for a while if you're a Prime member for FREE! How can you beat that price?! Well... I suppose I could actually give you money to read my book, but that's just wishful thinking. Why don't you ask me to cook you dinner while you're at it?! Seriously, some people...




(PS: Yes, this entry has been backdated to reflect the actual publication date. Sue me.)

Side Projects Sidelining Wells #3!

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Film at eleven. (sorry.)


This isn't going to be an overly long post, and thank GOD it's not another rant.  I'm as tired of those as you probably are.  I don't know, maybe you're an Angry Young Man™ and just eat that sort of thing up.  Moving on... I wanted to let the wider internets know that lately I have been doing a lot of simultaneous side projects which will all likely hinder each other from being completed.  That's complete honesty right there; where else can you find that on a daily basis?  Certainly not here. *eyeshift*


The latest of these is a collaborative project codenamed "Shade Pilgrim Vs. The World".  Rest assured, Mr. O'Malley, that will not be the final name of the book - which it is, yes, a book.  A longtime friend and I are taking a shot at co-authoring; if we get anywhere with this it will be her first book and my fourth (if I decide to count it as one of mine; the lion's share of the creativity and source material are hers, I'm just spit-polishing).  Watch this space for further developments (if there are any - FINGERS CROSSED).


Also, I suppose you deserve an update on the status of Accelerati.  Well, what can I tell you?  When you pick a graduate student to be your editor and ask them to give your book its Final Once-Over right in the middle of final exams, this is what one calls "shooting oneself in the foot".  It will see the light of day, and most likely in June or July.  There's no real blame or anything to be angry about, either on my end or anyone else's... it's just one of life's little delays that sometimes happens.  Cheer up, it'll be okay.


Lastly, I have drawn one or two more pages of the Wellspring graphic novel, cranked out some random doodles over at my deviantArt profile, and squandered spent a lot of time playing  DC Universe Online, which is highly addictive and FREE! (yes, they do constantly try to get you to buy this expansion pack or that upgraded feature, but hey, at least they don't require payment *cough*Blizzard*cough*).  There are also several IRL problems hovering around me like bats who think I smell like a tasty moth.  Which I might.  I haven't done a lot of moth-sniffing.


Anyway, if you've been waiting for me to hurry up and get some new stuff out there DANG IT, hopefully you'll continue to bear with me; I promise we'll get there.  We will!  Seriously!



Free (pun intended) Fanfiction!

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Okay, okay, I know I'm taking forever to get Accelerati out the door and on its way, not to mention Diadae #3.  Get off my back, willya?  Kidding.  Kind of.  But I'm not here to talk about that right now.  There's something else that's been irritating my shorts the last few days.  Fanfiction.


Not that I'm irritated by fanfiction itself.  In fact, quite the opposite.  Fanfiction (or "fan fiction" if you're claustrophobic and need a little space) is, as you are likely aware, stories based on existing works written by the geeks who are hopelessly enamored of said existing works.  Top categories include Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games, Marvel and DC comic books, and pretty much anything on TV.  I'm not ashamed to admit I've written more than my fair share (though you'll forgive me if I don't link you to it; some worlds are not meant to collide).  It is a vast and fertile landscape of derivative creativity.


Fanfiction is also really GAY.  Most junior high schoolers are sitting there going, "Yeah dude, that sh!t is so gay lol", but I actually mean a high percentage of it involves non-heteronormative pairings.  In this way, my blog post ties in with Equality Day (or whatever it's called that we're celebrating by changing Facebook pictures to red boxes).  That's beautiful.  I'm on board with that, 100%.  Mostly I wanted to put this in to acknowledge the major concern of the day, which is not what this post is about but also important.


What fanfiction is NOT, is plagiarism or copyright infringement.


Under copyright law, without express rights in form of a written agreement, no one can take your intellectual property and use it to make money.  Doing so constitutes copyright infringement.  Following that logic, fanfiction doesn't count since the fic authors don't make a dime.  It's pure enjoyment.


What are you going to do about it, anyway?  Let's say a group of guys are sitting around a table in Denny's after attending Wizard World, postulating, "Hey, what if the Venom symbiote adhered itself to Spider-WOMAN instead of Spider-Man?  And she hooked up with Carnage?  Would they have little red-and-black babies who can fly and shoot laser beams?"  Are you going to send in the FBI to storm f*cking Denny's and arrest the poor geeks?  Where does it end?  I can't see the difference between that and taking "legal action" against fanfiction writers and/or websites on which they are supported.


Let's be clear: there is such a thing as fanfiction from which money can be made.  There are literally hundreds of "original Star Trek novels" floating around out there, published since the original series was on in the Sixties.  Many widely-respected authors have taken a whack at Trek: Greg Bear, Diane Duane, Peter David, Laurell K. Hamilton, and we could be here all day.  THAT'S JUST TREK.  Forget about going into Star Wars.  And then Dungeons & Dragons novels.  And then we could do Supernatural, or X-Files, or...


Yet when people do it online, solely for fun, it's silly and devoid of merit - or worse, evil and worthy of prosecution.  A collective middle finger goes up from the fanfiction community to those narrow-minded individuals like George R. R. Martin, whose attitude [see here] sparked today's ranting.  He is not alone, but he is in the minority; most authors are thrilled to death when they hear people have been writing fanfiction about their characters and worlds, and graciously allow the practice.  It's a badge of honor, a mark of success.  "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."


Alas, then it becomes all about the money.  Here, let me address that: you don't get to make money off everything.  More importantly, how many of us truly believe that, for example, J. K. Rowling suffered any dip in sales due to fanfiction readers?  Perhaps three.  And that's three books.  If that many.


Most fanfiction readers want to enjoy the original works before they delve into the murky waters of reimagining and alternate universes.  Point of fact, I would never have read Harry Potter if not for my friend sending me a fanfiction link.  It was not an epic tale (or even a "pretty good" one), but it got me interested in the characters and setting - which I then went on to explore by picking up the movies and books before I started bothering with fanfic.  See how it's actually a brilliant marketing tool in a kind of bass-ackwards way?


As to those authors who tout a concern that fanfiction writers need to "find their own story", do you really think it's so bad that they cut their teeth on yours?  I wrote a fanfiction before I knew what it was.  It is a totally natural progression of imagination, especially from the Baby Boomers forward.  Before then, entertainment was pretty much limited to radio dramas, books and the occasional movie, but the rising popularity of TV and comic books widened the availability of the fictional works of others.  The internet caused it to explode.  Children are increasingly inundated with stories from all sides, so in my opinion, it's becoming more and more commonplace for them to begin cobbling their own stories from pieces of others than to dream up fiction without derivation.  We should be nurturing this, not stamping it out!


"All worthy work is open to interpretations the author did not intend.  Art isn't your pet - it's your kid.  It grows up and talks back to you." - Joss Whedon


But noooo, you want your precious money, Orson Scott Card [same link].  Sorry.  You also want marriage to stay inequal, yet you want to write interspecies romance? (Clark marries Lois, even though he isn't even human... and yet two men can't hook up?  Shaky logic, there.)  Maybe you should check your scruples, because I think they took a hit somewhere along the line.  Around the same period that you became a miserly bigot.


Just so we don't let them off the hook, here's a list of the other authors who expressly "forbid" any fanfiction based on their writings [via fanfiction.net]:

•Anne Rice

•Dennis L. McKiernan

•Irene Radford

•J.R. Ward

•Laurell K. Hamilton

•Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb

•P.N. Elrod

•Raymond Feist

•Robin Hobb

•Robin McKinley

•Terry Goodkind


Ahh, see?!  Remember earlier when I mentioned Laurell K. had written "original" Star Trek novels?  And she doesn't want anybody to write fanfiction of her works without making money!  Leg to stand on - I deny you this, madam.


Of course, I put "forbid" in quotes because they can't forbid it.  Other fanfiction websites aren't quite as docile and domesticated as FFnet, and have lawyers on retainer just waiting for some foolish corporate attorney to actually attempt to file a lawsuit.  Because it won't hold any water.


In conclusion, fanfiction is a lush and excuisite world, full of as many perils as wonders.  Cash-hoarding fiends would paint it as mimicry which somehow "devalues" their original work, but don't forget that both wriiting and reading fanfic is completely voluntary.  It's not going to ruin someone's watching Game of Thrones on HBO that there's a steamy homoerotic story of their two favorite characters floating around the internet written by a tenth-grader in Cheboygan.  Not unless they go digging for it themselves.  You're probably already on the New York Times best-seller list and have a fifteen-car garage full of Rolls Royces, so why don't you live and let live?


All of this without even touching with a ten-foot pole the commercial success of Pride And Prejudice And Zombies.



The Long And Toiling Road

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Wow, it's been rough writing Accelerati.  It is finished, though... just putting the final touches on it, handing it off to friends for some beta-ing.  Also, I've at the same time begun tinkering with Diadae #3.  Don't expect to see it anytime within the next several months, of course, but it WILL come!  I swear!  ...just... maybe not very soon...

Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day.  May you all feel love, even if it's just loving yourself.


Accelerati is GO

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Quick note to mention that I am, in fact, a NaNoWriMo winner.  Good news, ain't it?  The book isn't quite finished but as you can see, I'm way over the 50,000 word finish line already.

My tentative plan is to work furiously on finishing this book and get it done and edited within the first couple weeks of December, just in time for the holidays.  No, this does not count as the holidays right now.  I hate it when people smoosh everything from Halloween to New Year's Eve together as one single "season".  Forget that mess; I want my individual events!

Anyway, look for news of Accelerati soon.  Now I must go attempt to write some more of it.  Peace be with ye.


Which Way Did The Sixties Go?

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Yeah, I know it's been a while.  Writer's block has struck, along with a bunch of other personal/professional/pineapple circumstances.  What are "pineapple circumstances", you ask?  Well, if you don't know then you're probably better off.


The first item of news is that I have been working on my art a lot more lately (in absence of working on my prose).  You can find it HERE.  I figured I'd get that out of the way first, considering how conspicuous my absence from writing has been.


Secondly, have you ever heard of NaNoWriMo?  Most of you probably have.  In short, it's a bunch of people who get together in November and crank out a novel in 30 days.  In long... well, go to the website if you want to know all about how it works.  Anyway, this year I'm doing it.  No, seriously, I'm gonna do this.  I hear you saying, "But how are you supposed to write a whole book in one month when you couldn't manage to finish Diadae #3 in the past TEN?"  That... uh, is a very fair question.  In this case, I'm going to follow the suggestions of the NNWM organizers and just write like my pen's on fire without trying to make it perfect.  Also, I'll be working from a brand new concept for a book, and NOT working on Wells and Anna's third adventure.  While this will probably only serve to further anger those who have been waiting for book three, it would be cheating to use that since I already have it partially written.  Besides, the concept for my upcoming NNWM entry came to me in a dream a few nights ago so the timing couldn't be more perfect.  Details to come. [EDIT: also, please sponsor me by going here!]


So please cheer me on next month while I try to do the semi-impossible!  Maybe once I get that ball rolling, I will be able to get the ball rolling again on the Saga.  For now, I have concepts to flesh out and characters to name!