Diadae #3 - COMPLETE!

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...sort of.

First of all, most of you are probably aware that right now, 'tis the season for NaNoWriMo, which I am participating in.  This has taken up most of my time over the past week-plus, and therefore I haven't had time to roll out the announcement about the third installment in the story of Wells and Vivianna.  That's right, I finally got up off my duff and finished it!  Expect to see a few little changes around the site as I update everything to include new information from this most recent tome.

Now, it still needs to go through one final editing phase (it's already been through two) before it gets its very own ISBN and becomes a "real book".  Until then, you can buy the "Advance Edition" from this page; I promise, there will be extremely negilgible differences.

What's it called?  Click to find out, Cletus!

Meanwhile, my upcoming NaNo project is called "Splysrz", and will be another stand-alone book like Accelerati was.  Though it is only TEN days into NaNo, I'm already on the cusp of hitting the 50,000 word goal.  It's been very exhilarating!  As it stands, I fully expect this book to be about 100,000 words so don't think I'll be letting up on writing now!

Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled lazy Sunday.  New podcast episode tomorrow!



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Perhaps news that more visitors to this site (all five of you) have been waiting for instead of random rants and podcasts... my third book, the standalone futuristic racing novel Accelerati, is now available to purchase from the Amazon Kindle store! YAAAAY~! *clapping from that one guy in the back* I promise, physical paper copies and an iTunes link will be forthcoming, but for now... hey, at least you can nab it from somewhere!


Also of interest, there's a deal with Amazon Prime where you can "borrow" the book for a while if you're a Prime member for FREE! How can you beat that price?! Well... I suppose I could actually give you money to read my book, but that's just wishful thinking. Why don't you ask me to cook you dinner while you're at it?! Seriously, some people...




(PS: Yes, this entry has been backdated to reflect the actual publication date. Sue me.)