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Welcome to the bare-bones website for the Díadae Saga by D. Lawson-Hart, which also serves as his homepage in general.  Soon it will begin to look like a destination worth arriving at instead of one of those fake "What you need, when you need it" pages you get bumped to when you misspell the URL.  How soon?  Who knows?!?

ABOUT THE SAGA: It's pretty much a standard issue 'coming of age except they randomly have magic powers' story.  Boy meets girl, boy blows up soda can with his mind, boy and girl go on the lam so they don't get clobbered by the forces of evil. Like Firestarter without all the F-bombs.

For now, about the only interesting things you'll find here are the Cast of Characters, the Blog (which also contains my ADHDcast updates), links to buy the books and the ability to Tweet about the page.  Also, the Facebook Fanpage box (which regurgitates my Tweets, so you can Follow/Like me on either one.  Or both, if you're that excited about it).  There are also forums, but with only two or three members there isn't much point yet.  Any of you who want to step in and help make those an engaging attraction, please be my guest!

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Watch this space in the coming months for more changes and news of the NOW COMPLETE book #3.  I'm not promising a rose garden... but I am promising a Rosekeeper.



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